Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) Telephone System from 1st Communications

Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) Telephone System

Nortel CS1000 Telephone System

The Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) is a business communication system designed for mid to large sized companies that offers exceptional future growth and expansion possibilities while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft and IBM solutions.

The Nortel CS1000 is a fully featured highly scalable IP communications system that meets business needs from as few as 48 extensions. The Nortel CS 1000 forms the base upon which your business-critical applications are added, such as the customer contact centre, Unified Communications and Wireless telephony.

CS1000 Features & Benefits at a glance ..

  • Over 750 Call Processing & Telephony Features
  • Highly Scalable with up to 22,500 IP users
  • Unlimited Users with networked servers
  • World Class Reliability and Redundancy Features
  • Extensive Desktop Portfolio
  • Supports Business-critical Applications
  • Telephony Integration with Desktop Applications

Nortel CS1000 Models »

The Nortel CS1000 Telephone System has two models, the Nortel CS1000E and Nortel CS1000M. Nortel CS1000 Models »

Nortel CS1000 Capabilities »

The Nortel CS1000 Telephone System is extremely versatile, with a number of options and capabilities. Nortel CS1000 Capabilities »

Nortel CS1000 Brochures »

Download and explore a number of Nortel CS1000 brochures to find out more about the product. Nortel CS1000 Brochures »

Nortel CS1000 Features & Benefits »

The Nortel CS1000 Telephone System has a host of handy features and benefits designed specifically for enterprise. Nortel CS1000 Features & Benefits »

Nortel CS1000 Technical Spec. »

More about the Nortel CS1000 Telephone System's Technical Specification, including its dimensions, weight etc. Nortel CS1000 Technical Specification »

Nortel CS1000 Images »

A range of images showing you the Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) Telephone System. Nortel CS1000 Images »

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